Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Astronomy Show 14.06.17

The Astronomy Show 14.06.17

On the programme today I will be looking at the Milky Way its very important to us because it is our Galaxy, true it is like many millions of other galaxies but to us  it is home sweet home.

Other news this week includes that astronomers have now worked out how old Jupiter is and we will stay with the largest planet in the solar system as it now has two new moons.

Astronomers watch the sky for  asteroids that could crash into the Earth but  now the situation has become potentially more dangerous because it has been discovered that at least one meteor stream which astronomers believe to be composed of just grains of dust now contain a number of large chunks of rock, I will be looking at this story more closely.

The A-Z of constellations continue with Draco the Dragon which contains Thuban the old North star, the Messier marathon reaches M32 a dwarf galaxy to M31 the Andromeda Galaxy.

This plus  more news stories, the astronomical scrapbook will be looking at what happened in astronomy this week in history together with what can be seen in the night sky, together with what is happening in  astronomical societies in the north.

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