Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The Astronomy Show 08.03.17

The Astronomy Show 08.03.17

On this week's Astronomy Show I will be starting a new feature exploring the solar system I begin   with the Sun,

I will be looking at the life of Thomas Cooke who was born on March 8th 1807  a Yorkshire man Cooke  was one of the greatest of all telescope makers.

The messier marathon continues with M 19 in Ophiuchus, the A-Z of constellations this week features Cetus which started life as a terrible monster but has evolved into a harmless whale.

I will be looking at what can be seen  in the night sky at the moment, plus the latest astronomy news, the astronomy scrapbook and the astronomy society scene.

And there have been some apparently spooky goings on at Drystone Radio so I will be looking briefly at some of the ghost nebula in our galaxy.

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