Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Astronomy Show 15.02.17

The Astronomy Show 15.02.17

After spending two weeks in the neutral zone the Astronomy Show is back today.

Dis you know that astronomers thought that a doomsday asteroid might be coming our way in February. No! I didn't either but the good news is that  it won't happen at least this month. You can hear the story this afternoon.

I will also be looking at the regular features with the Messier Marathon continuing with M 17 in Sagittarius, the A-Z of constellations is Centaurus and we are approaching the end of the top 20 brightest stars, this week number 19 is the star Deneb in Cygnus.

There will also be the latest astronomy news, the astronomy scrapbook for this week in history and what's going on in the astronomical society scene.

The astronomy show, Wednesday afternoons from 3 p -5 pm on Drystone Radio 103.5 FM live on line at or listen later on the podcast.

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