Monday, 16 November 2020

Nova Aquila 1918 and Manchester


Mr Butterworth of Manchester and Nova Aquila 1918

In the Journal of the Manchester Astronomical Society for the session 1917-1920 a series of photographs showing the spectra of Nova Aquila 1918 taken by Mr C F Butterworth using a 6.3 inch prismatic reflector were published. The period covered was from June 10th to November 14th 1918. A series of 36 photographs were taken on 22 different nights.

The general sequence of changes in the spectrum is well shown, and many of the smaller details- such as the complex structure of the hydrogen bands may also be detected. The series as a whole forms a useful addition to the observations already published concerning this important nova.

In addition Mr Butterworth gives a table of measures of the breadths of the more important bright bands at four different stages of the star’s career.

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