Saturday, 14 November 2020

Joseph Gledhill, Jupiter and a Cooke


Joseph Gledhill, Jupiter and a Cooke

Joseph Gledhill astronomy assistant to Edward Crossley at the Park Road Observatory in Halifax and using the 9.3 inch Cooke telescope observed Jupiter from November 4th 1869 until December 31st 1869. He observed the Great Southern Ellipse which was easily visible on November 11th 1869.

It lay between bands 5 and 6 touching 6 but not quite in contact with 5. Its length was about one third that of the band 6. Its east end was the darkest part of it and also the broadest. In other parts it was a fine narrow sharp dark line. The space within it was bright but not brighter than that of the zone in which it lay. No spots or marks could ever be detected within it, nor could any change in size be discovered.

The 9.3 inch Cooke is still in use today at the Carter Observatory in New Zealand.

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