Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Andromedid Meteor Shower seen over Birkenhead


Andromedid Meteor Shower seen from Birkenhead

On Wednesday November 27th November 1872 a large meteor shower was seen over the UK including a report from Birkenhead. Here is a report from G. H. H. of Birkenhead, I have no other details as to the identity of the observer.

Starting at 5.25 pm I saw the first meteor. Between 5.35pm and 5.50 pm 150 were counted by one observer in the sky towards the North East. At 6.26 pm in 4 minutes, 5 observers counted 310. At 6.40 pm in 2 minutes, 5 observers counted 316. At 8.37pm with a hazy cloud to the North 6 observers in 5 minutes counted 528 while facing South east.

A very few among so many left visible streaks of light after the meteor itself had disappeared with 15 seconds being the longest time any of them remained visible.

They appeared to radiate from a point a little to the south of mu Cassiopeia, many in the vicinity of that star having courses of less than one degree in angular measurement.

Towards 10 pm clouds covered the greater part of the sky, so that only unusually brilliant meteors could be seen; They were however, again visible but in decreased numbers at 11.30 pm.

This meteor shower was the Andromedid meteor shower and was the remains of comet Biela that was observed to break up.

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